We have been placing Open Box Food Pantry’s since 2017. Here is the list.

1 Vickie Robertson State Farm Insurance Douglas WY 438 S. 4th St
2 Ace Hardware Farmington New Mexico  
3 Rauta ME&M Glenrock WY 202 S 2nd St
4 Bear Creek Originals Glendo WY 219 N Yellowstone HWY
5 Jason Paris State Farm Insurance Casper WY 200 S. Forrest Dr
6 Nuvision Credit Union Casper WY 155 W. Collins
7 Best Western Pioneer Motel Lusk WY 731 S Main
8 Fort Laramie Community Center Fort Laramie WY  
9 First Baptist Church Douglas WY 209 S 4th St
10 Impact Ministries Wheatland WY 956 Maple St
11 City of Hulet Town Hall Hulet WY 401 Sager Ave
12 Wyo Central Federal Credit Union Casper WY 190 S David St
13 Impact Ministries Wheatland WY 956 Maple St
14 Chugwater Community Center Chugwater WY 311 2nd St
15 First United Methodist Church Laramie WY 1215 E Gibbion St
16 Anthony Ortiz State Farm Insurance Cheyenne WY 1819 Warren Ave
17 Petes Builders Cheyenne WY 1816 Central Ave
18 Lingle Presbyterian Church Lingle WY 200 3rd St
19 Bar Nunn Baptist Church Bar Nunn WY 1401 Sunset Blvd
20 Casper Chamber of Commerce Casper WY 500 N Center St
21 Mountain View Baptist Church Mills WY 4250 Poison Spider Rd
22 Drews Decision Mills WY 615 WY BLVD SW

Wyoming Food Bank and all those who make this possible. . Thank You!

The Wyoming Food Bank has provided lots of non-perishable food items for our Open Box Food Pantries.

Through our partnership with Wyoming Food Bank we are able to, at reduced cost provide nutritional options to those who need it. We really appreciate Wyoming Food Bank making all this possible. Our Open Box Food Pantries appreciate it to.

This partnership will help Here to Help Foundation of Wyoming keep our non-perishable food pantries filled and helping those who need it.

Our aim is exactly the same.

To end hunger throughout our communities

Thank you!


Kailee Wilson needs a kidney.

Kailee Wilson a Casper Wyoming student and her family need our help.  She received her first kidney transplant 10 years ago at the age of seven and ten years later at the age of 17 its starting to reject her.  Kailee’s blood type isand she would benefit greatly from a new Kidney.  We are trying to help her find a donor and raise funds for her and her family for medical expenses.  Our #WYOSTRONG  is doing a month long fundraiser and we have our donation boxes through out Casper Wyoming business you can donate at or you can donate securely on our Donations section above.  Please keep Kailee and her family in your prayers during these trying times.


Thankful Thursday at the Beacon. Save the date. 4-13-23

We were blessed with our second Thankful Thursday event coming up on April 13th 2022 at the Beacon Club in Casper Wyoming.  Our first Thankful Thursday raised the funds for us to invest in our Neighbors feeding Neighbors food trailer and we have been breaking bread across Wyoming ever since.  Save the date and come support our mission in “helping our community and those in need” at our 2nd Thankful Thursday event brought to us by Town square Media, 95.5 FM, Tito’s Vodka and the Beacon Club on April 13th.

Open Box Pantry #22 is set and stocked

Open Box Pantry #22 is set and stocked in Mills Wyoming.  Mari with Drew’s Decision  and H.A.L.O.S. requested pantry 22 to help her clients and those who utilize her services.  Thank you Mari and Here to Help WY, llc for your support and investment into Mills Wyoming and the surrounding community.

Chugwater pantry stock and BBQ

We got a call to refill pantry # 14 in Chug water Wyoming.  We loaded up and headed down with enough goods to fill our pantry along with our Neighbors feeding Neighbors food trailer and were able to serve more than 100 Chug water community members.  Thank you Chug water Wyoming for your commitment to our mission of “helping our community and those in need!”



New Ambassador / Kingston Dean Walker

We would like to introduce our newest ambassador to the foundation, Kingston Dean Walker will make a great addition to the Here to Help Foundation of Wyoming team and its mission to “help our community and those in need!”  Congratulations to Caleb and Shayla for this amazing baby boy and my first grandson.


Barnunn Baptist Bonfire

Great turn out in Barnunn Wyoming for our fall bonfire.  Thank you Pastor Randy and Daniel for putting this together for the Barnunn community.  Thank you Isiah and your worship team for providing us with edifying entertainment and prayers.  Thank you to all who helped!

Natrona County YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Thank you to the YMCA of Natrona County for hosting Healthy Kids Day for the kids and their families.

We had a great time being part of and providing food to the kids and families. Was a great experience being part of the team.

Thank you.

Open Box Food Pantry #21 has been set and stocked.

#21 Pantry

Mountain View Baptist Church in Mills Wyoming has stepped up and stepped in for the community. They have added a Open Box Food Pantry to their already active food outreach program.

Thank you Buddy Hansen and congregation for your support in our mission to help the community and those in need!

Casper Chamber of Commerce Pantry Placement

Pantry Placement in Casper

Casper Chamber of Commerce Open Box Food Pantry is placed and fully stocked with non-perishable food items.

It takes time to get a pantry placed correctly. First off you have to make sure the door is facing in the right direction. Then there is location coordinates. Blowing over isn’t a good thing. Make sure its level both vertically and horizontally. Its very important. Then the best part. Putting all of the goodies in the pantry.

Here To Help Foundation of Wyoming brought along their neighbors feeding neighbors food trailer/wagon. Lots of food and soda for everyone to enjoy.

We want to thank the Casper Chamber of Commerce for their hard work, time and sponsoring this pantry.

Especially thankful for everyone who attended and helped out with getting the job done.

Thank you.

A BIG thanks to the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce.

For donating this brand new and shiny Open Box Food Pantry. Your sponsorship for Casper s 4th Open Box Food Pantry is greatly appreciated.

Here To Help Foundation of Wyoming have placed a total of 20 Open Box Food Pantry’s in community(s) through out Wyoming.

When : Thursday April 28, 2022. Festivities start at 12:00pm
Location : 500 N. Center St, Casper Wyoming 82601

We are very thankful for your investment to the community.

If your in the neighborhood drop by and join in on the festivities. Our neighbors feeding neighbors food trailer will provide the community with food and drinks.

Thank you..

Walsh Family Fire Fundraiser

We wanted to thank everyone for all of their help helping the Walsh Family.

Thank you!

Donation box(s) have been placed. Richard has been all over letting everyone know how important it is that we do what ever possible to help the Walsh Family.

Thank you.

Walsh Family have been Wyoming residents for over 30 years.

Travis is a veteran and currently runs a cattle ranch. Tiffany watches over the home and takes care of the family .

Travis and his wife Tiffany have been together for 7 years. Married for almost 2 years. Between Travis & Tiffany they have 7 kids. Tavienna-18, Jacob-18, Orion-17, Ryan-13, Serenity-11, Kimberly-10 and Elizabeth-9.

They have just welcomed a granddaughter a little over a week ago.

The fire that tore through their home took everything, even the things that can never be replaced.

Travis & Tiffany are looking for a new home. It is very difficult for them as housing is expensive.

Here to Help Foundation of Wyoming wants to do what we can by  extending a hand. Lets get the word out that as a community we have an opportunity to reach out and help the Walsh family.

We are gearing up to do a fundraiser for the Walsh family by asking for donations, clothes and other items the family may need.

There are many ways to reach out and help.

  1. Our secure online donate button.
  2. We will be placing donation boxes at many convenience stores on the east side of Casper.
  3. Call 307-262-8548. We can drop by and pickup any items you would like to donate to the Walsh family.

Please pray for the Walsh family. GOD bless you!

Here To Help and the Walsh family would like to send a big shout out to our great first responders and fire department.. Thank you for your quick response and dedication. Thank you.