We have been placing Open Box Food Pantry’s since 2017. Here is the list.

1 Vickie Robertson State Farm Insurance Douglas WY 438 S. 4th St
2 Ace Hardware Farmington New Mexico  
3 Rauta ME&M Glenrock WY 202 S 2nd St
4 Bear Creek Originals Glendo WY 219 N Yellowstone HWY
5 Jason Paris State Farm Insurance Casper WY 200 S. Forrest Dr
6 Nuvision Credit Union Casper WY 155 W. Collins
7 Best Western Pioneer Motel Lusk WY 731 S Main
8 Fort Laramie Community Center Fort Laramie WY  
9 First Baptist Church Douglas WY 209 S 4th St
10 Impact Ministries Wheatland WY 956 Maple St
11 City of Hulet Town Hall Hulet WY 401 Sager Ave
12 Wyo Central Federal Credit Union Casper WY 190 S David St
13 Impact Ministries Wheatland WY 956 Maple St
14 Chugwater Community Center Chugwater WY 311 2nd St
15 First United Methodist Church Laramie WY 1215 E Gibbion St
16 Anthony Ortiz State Farm Insurance Cheyenne WY 1819 Warren Ave
17 Petes Builders Cheyenne WY 1816 Central Ave
18 Lingle Presbyterian Church Lingle WY 200 3rd St
19 Bar Nunn Baptist Church Bar Nunn WY 1401 Sunset Blvd
20 Casper Chamber of Commerce Casper WY 500 N Center St
21 Mountain View Baptist Church Mills WY 4250 Poison Spider Rd
22 Drews Decision Mills WY 615 WY BLVD SW