Bar Nunn Baptist Church Pantry Placement.

Sunday January 30 0222
Barr Nunn Wyoming
A town in Natrona County, Wyoming, United States.
Part of the Casper, Wyoming Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Pantry #19 has been set and stocked ready to serve anyone in need around the Bar Nunn community.

Thank you Inspiration Revelation for donating this pantry and thank you Bar Nunn Baptist Church and congregation for watching over it.


Community Presbyterian Church Pantry Placement

Sunday January 16, 2022

Lingle, Wyoming

Town in Goshen County, Wyoming, United States

We were invited to the Community Presbyterian Church in Lingle Wyoming. On January 16 we placed and stocked the 18th Here To Help Foundation of Wyoming Open Box Food Pantry.

Its stocked and ready to serve the Lingle Wyoming community. If you, your family or some one you know are going thru hard times you now have access to non perishable food items and things which may be needed to get thru the day.

Thank you Charlie, James, Melissa and Bruce for your Help! Your hard work and time are very much  appreciated.

More information.

Donation Collection Site. Superior / Marshall / Bolder Fire

Its been a real busy couple of day.

We have had a great time getting to see the local, out of town & out of state people &  organizations come together and make things work. Kind of one of those goose-bump moments knowing that you can make a difference.

Had a great time cooking up free meals for all of those volunteers & community members. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Still have people coming up that need to be fed.

Wish we could stay longer as there is much more to do. We will be heading back to Casper later this evening.



Our Trip to Parker Colorado. Superior / Marshall / Bolder Fire

We made it to the hotel in Parker Colorado safely.

Went into the hotel lobby and we were greeted with tables of donated items for the people that have been effected there in the  community. Its amazing seeing people in the community come together and provide help when its needed.

We traveled from Casper Wyoming to Parker Colorado with a trailer full of food and donated items .

Next stop is the Donation Collection Site at the Grace Baptist Church.