Father’s Day Is Tomorrow!

To all father’s out there.. Reminder, Father’s Day is ” NOT “ a public holiday.

And the rest of you wondering. Father’s Day starts Sunday, June 20, 2021. Do not forget this important day. Well for some of us anyway.

Lets make sure we do what we can to show how much they are appreciated and loved.

Suicide Awareness Poker Run Event

Where you able to make it to the neverforgoten77.org Suicide Awareness Poker Run event yesterday at Washington Park in Casper?

Here To Help Foundation of Wyoming was there serving up some really great food from our variety menu, bottled water & pop. It was a great time for us.

I really enjoyed the live band (music), great food and ice cream. In my estimation the crowd was huge and we were fortunate to meet some really nice people. Maybe we made a few new friends.

Suicide Awareness Poker Run event was held to generate funds for the upcoming neverforgoten77.org Spread Hope Retreat Event July 30th thru Aug 5th. If you are looking for more infomation concerning the retreat or would like to help/donate, information can be found on Facebook @neverforgoten77 and on their www.neverforgoten77.org web site.

We would like to extend a big thank you to neverforgoten77.org. You, all of your sponsors really did a bang up (good) job putting all of this together.

Thank you.