We need your help

We need your help and support…

Early mornings and late nights have really hampered the  restocking of our pantries.

If you can donate any items and some extra time to help fill the open box pantries  your support would be greatly appreciated.

Our pantries are helping many individuals and families. If you can’t get to the pantries personally we have a drop off at the plains motel front office and we will pick them up from there.

Thank you so much for your support.

Helping our community and those in need.

Coats For Kids Campaign.

Good morning .

it’s getting chilly out there in the mornings and evenings! personally my favorite weather, jacket or hoody in the morning and a beautiful warm afternoon.

Here To Help Foundation of Wyoming will be putting on their first annual Coats For Kids Campaign.

We plan on filling our pantries bottom shelves with coats, hats and gloves to help who ever needs it to stay warm this winter.

More details of dates and times will come later.

Helping our community and those in need.

Hunter Cole needs our help.

Hunter Cole is a up and coming motto cross racer out of Lusk Wyoming.

He has been promoting Here To Help Foundation of Wyoming and we consider him a family member.

He was involved in a serious accident while racing. Hunter and his family need our help! If you can help. Thank You.


Our pantries are being used! :0)

Help us help the community.

Can you help stock our open door food pantries?

If you have any donations of non perishable food items we could really put your items to good use.

Our locations are Vickie’s State Farm and Converse County Auto Repair.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you.

Helping our community and those in need.

Pantry locations.

Our pantries are stocked and ready for those in need .

  • Vickie’s state farm located in Douglas
  • Converse County Auto Repair located in Douglas
  • Mr. Hakala office located in Glenrock
  • Bear Creek Originals Located in Glendo!

Please if you know a family,  person or child that might need help let them know we are Here To Help!

 Helping our community and those in need.

We are looking for sponsors

Our open box pantries are located in mutiple locations around the community.

If you own a business that cares for our community or know some one who might be able to help us call. We are Here To Help!

307-298-0033                                                heretohelpwy@gmail.com

Helping our community and those in need.

Free Lunch has been served

Chicken and fries from Howards. All you can eat!

Want to see all of you down at Bear Creek Originals Custom Embroidery located in Glendo.

Lots of fun and food stocking our open box pantry.

We have the meats and drinks are on us.

Hope to see you there!

Why do 1 in 6 children in America struggle with hunger?

There are many reasons but we are trying to help.

If we can help one child, one family or one person that needs help than we have been successful!

Come join us in Glendo Wy on July 8th at 11am-2pm and help us set and stalk our 4th pantry. Enjoy some lunch from Howards and drinks on us!

Helping our community and those in need.

Our 3rd Pantry Set and Stock in Glenrock, Wyoming

When : Saturday June 24th  11am to 3pm

Where : 202 south 2nd Street. Glenrock Wyoming

Glad to announce our set and stock date for our third pantry in the great city of Glenrock WY.

Come down and learn how to set a open pantry. Bring noperishables to help fill the pantry and grab some pizza for the kids.

Thank you Doug and the Classic Cafe in Glenrock for providing the pizza.

Thank you AJ Hakala for providing the spot where the pantry will be set.

Thank you to the Douglas Converse County Bank and employees who donated the funds to have the box built!

Plan to be there.